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Which hiking trails are stunning and suitable?
Where, how, what - ski / (winter) hiking/biking/sledging fun?
Rent or buy outdoor clothing/equipment - (e-) bike, ski equipment, snowshoes, sledges?
Guided tours (snowshoeing), hiking, biking or alpine skiing coaching?
Gourmet culture in the Engadine - Delicious cuisine, excellent wine and delicious local beer?
Pretty souvenirs/gifts?
Wellness, the memorable feel-good / health experience?
Art and culture - Museums, exhibitions, music events (for example, the Music Festival Bündner Baroque), sightseeing, impressive tourist destinations?

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Guarda - small, fairytale-like, quiet, historic, beautiful


Part of the Mountaineering Villages initiative

Mountaineering villages are small, quiet places that are dedicated to gentle tourism. 
Its great potential lies in its originality, the high-quality natural and cultural landscape and the diverse mountain sports opportunities. 
The careful handling of the mountain world, but also the strengthening of regional added value is the focus of the initiative.

Mountaineering villages live: 
Intimacy but with respect
Enjoyment with no worries
Independent mobility
Stimulation without all the hustle and bustle
A lively atmosphere but without the noise

Mountaineering Villages alpine initiative

Lower Engadine 

Still a secret.
It has seemingly endless natural beauty and rich cultural history, which guarantees something to discover that will astonish you.
Families, groups, couples, singles, four-pawed companions, young, wise - there is plenty of space for everyone, freedom, opportunities to soak up a lot of sun and positive energy.