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Guarda - fairytale-like, quiet, historic, beautiful


Part of the Mountaineering Villages initiative

Mountaineering villages are small, quiet places that are dedicated to gentle tourism. 
Its great potential lies in its originality, the high-quality natural and cultural landscape and the diverse mountain sports opportunities. 
The careful handling of the mountain world, but also the strengthening of regional added value is the focus of the initiative.

Mountaineering villages live: 
Intimacy but with respect
Enjoyment with no worries
Independent mobility
Stimulation without all the hustle and bustle
A lively atmosphere but without the noise

Mountaineering Villages alpine initiative

Lower Engadine 

Still a secret.
Its seemingly endless natural beauty and a rich cultural history guarantee something to discover that will astonish you.

Families, groups, couples, singles, four-pawed companions, young, wise - plenty of space for everyone, freedom, and opportunities to soak up a lot of suns and positive energy.

Schellen-Ursli Trail

The themed hiking trail, newly opened in 2016, is above the "Schellen-Ursli-Dorf" Guarda in the Swiss Grisons and is a highlight for the whole family. Starting from Guarda, the path leads to "Plan dal Növ", over to "Clüs", to "Lajet", and back to the starting point. 
During the easy hike, over approx. 1.5 hours over a length of 3.6 km, you will always get beautiful views of the peaks of the Silvretta Group.

The book "Schellen-Ursli", one of the best-known children's books in Switzerland, has made the custom of the bell procession, the so-called "Chalandamarz", known beyond the country's borders. The "Schellen-Ursli Weg" in Guarda brings the story to life interactively and addresses other highlights from the book. Further details at

Finally, see in the Schellen-Ursli Museum in Guarda how Schellen-Ursli and his family lived.

Hiking Joy Around Guarda

Nature and hiking enthusiasts will get their money's worth in Guarda. Families with children feel just as much at home here as mountain hikers and bikers who love sports. The Val Tuoi, the Piz Buin (3312 m above sea level, the highest point in the community), the nearby Silvretta area and the Swiss National Park are right on the doorstep.

Those who set out for the flower meadows and larch forests can relax in the healthy mountain air. A total of 16 hikes between 30 minutes and 9 hours start from Guarda.

Numerous hiking suggestions for Guarda can be found here:,,

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Tamangur Wanderung

Excursion Destination Tamangur

Tamangur is a remote moor and stone pine forest landscape in the Lower Engadine.

The area is of particular importance because of its highest closed pine forest in Europe (at over 2000 m above sea level and as a symbol of the tenacity of the Romansh in connection with the preservation of culture and language.

Tamangur is a popular hiking and mountain biking area from June to October. The starting point is usually S-charl; the endpoints are either Lü GR (via Pass da Costainas) or the Ofen Pass (via Fuorcla Funtana da S-charl). The tours require 4 to 6 hours on foot, and the difficulty level is T2.

The hiking trail that leads through the God Tamangur runs on the valley's right (east) side, while the road used for alpine farming and mountain bikers runs on the left (west) side.

Apart from well-developed hiking trails and selling drinks and snacks at Alp Astra, tourist infrastructure is absent.